Issue 30.4, November 2015

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Homepage_slug_cover-30-4-web Our November 2015 issue opens with the final installment of our yearlong series of reflections on the first thirty years of Cultural Anthropology. Anne Allison and Charlie Piot, who edited the journal from 2010 to 2014, review their experience of editing in a time of rapid social transformation and global precarity. They also explain the backstory of their innovative work on new series like Hot... More...

Reclaiming Hope

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Homepage_slug_3-tuvalu_post_pam Has hope become a word that betrays you? In an escalating “war on words” (van Eekelen, Gonzalez, Stotzer, and Tsing 2004, 1), has hope bulldozed over our dreams? During the 2008 U.S. presidential election, “hope” became yet another vacuous political slogan (Kirksey 2012, 20). Shortly after Barack Obama was elected, many people who had dared to harbor dreams of political ... More...


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