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Everyday Islam

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Homepage_slug_hayder.1 This collection gathers together five articles previously published in Cultural Anthropology, by Naveeda Khan, Hayder Al-Mohammad, Carolyn Rouse and Janet Hoskins, Kenneth George, and Arzoo Osanloo. The collection also includes interviews with the authors, who reflect on their work, as well a commentary on the whole collection from Charles Hirschkind. The articles engage with everyday aspects o... More...

Of Children and Jinn: An Inquiry into an Unexpected Friendship during Uncertain Times

Purity, Soul Food, and Sunni Islam: Explorations at the Intersection of Consumption and Resistance

The Measure of Mercy: Islamic Justice, Sovereign Power, and Human Rights in Iran

Ethics, Iconoclasm, and Qur'anic Art in Indonesia

A Kidnapping in Basra: the Struggles and Precariousness of Life in Post-invasion Iraq

Issue 29.4, November 2014

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Homepage_slug_front_cover4web The November 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology includes six original articles that run the gamut of contemporary cultural anthropology's interests: from the emerging economic imagination flowing out of the Occupy movement (Hannah Appel) to the political-aesthetics of South African rugby (Joshua Rubin); the unexpected fruits of photo-elicitation as a research method in The Gambia (Li... More...