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Editor's Note: On Anthropology and/in/of Science

Essay Excerpt

One could hardly expect cultural anthropology to ignore science: it is. al- ter all, present both out in the world, where we do our research, and in our in- stitutional homes, where we are employed. But the question remains, Just what are we to do with science? For some, the goal has been to locate cultural an- thropology in science, to prove that anthropology "really is" scientific. Others have pursued an anthropology of science, to prove that science "really is" cul- tural. In both cases, there has been an element—at best distracting, at worst consuming—of strategic play in competition with science or. more precisely, strategic play for science's cultural capital. One approach aims, in effect, to "raise" anthropology to the level of science; the other, to bring science "down" from its pedestal. (451)

Segal, Daniel. "Editor's Note: On Anthropology and/in/of Science
." Cultural Anthropology 16, no. 4 (2001): 451-452

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