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Southeast Asia

Export-Quality Martyrs: Roman Catholicism and Transnational Labor in the Philippines

"The Taste No Chef Can Give": Processing Street Food in Mumbai

Muddy Labor: A Japanese Aid Ethic of Collective Intimacy in Myanmar

Progress and its Ruins: Ghosts, Migrants, and the Uncanny in Thailand

Post/Socialist Affect: Ruination and Reconstruction of the Nation in Urban Vietnam

But Do Not Identify as Gay: A Proleptic Genealogy of the MSM Category

Viral Clouds: Becoming H5N1 in Indonesia

Naturalcultural encounters in Bali: Monkeys, Temples, Tourists, and Ethnoprimatology

Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood

Ethics, Iconoclasm, and Qur'anic Art in Indonesia

Coincidence and Consequence: Marianism and the Mass Media in the Global Philippines

From the Enemy's Point of View: Violence, Empathy, and the Ethnography of Fakes

Dislocating Sound: The Deterritorialization of Indonesian Indie Pop

Sympathy, State Building, and the Experience of Empire

Spiritual Economies: Islam and Neoliberalism in Contemporary Indonesia

The Face of Money: Currency, Crisis, and Remediation in Post-Suharto Indonesia

Remediation and Local Globalizations: How Taiwan's "Digital Video Knights-Errant Puppetry" Writes the History of the New Media in Chinese

Between Global Flows and Local Dams: Indigenousness, Locality, and the Transnational Sphere in Jharkhand, India

Recombinant History: Transnational Practices of Memory and Knowledge Production in Contemporary Vietnam

The “Already Surmounted” yet “Secretly Familiar”: Malaysian Identity as Symptom

Empty Citizenship: Protesting Politics in the Era of Globalization

“Lipstick Girls” and “Fallen Women”: AIDS and Conspiratorial Thinking in Papua, Indonesia

Playing Back the Nation: Waria, Indonesian Transvestites

Geographies of Gender and Politics: The Place of Difference in Polynesian Nationalism

Compromising Power:Development, Culture, and Rule in Indonesia

At Home but Not at Home: Filipina Narratives of Ambivalent Returns

Tombois in West Sumatra: Constructing Masculinity and Erotic Desire

Originality in the Postcolony: Choreographing the Neoethnic Body of Philippine Ballet

Knowing One's Place: National Language and the Idea of the Local in Eastern Indonesia

Of Birds and Gifts: Reviving Tradition on an Indonesian Frontier