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Anthropology of/in Circulation: The Future of Open Access and Scholarly Societies

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Anthropology and Human Studies

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Bioprospecting the Public Domain

From the Enemy's Point of View: Violence, Empathy, and the Ethnography of Fakes

Objects of Love and Decay: Colonial Photographs in a Postcolonial Archive

Photography and Photo-Elicitation after Colonialism

Outing as Performance / Outing as Resistance: A Queer Reading of Austrian (Homo)Sexualities

Of Holograms and Storage Areas: Modernity and Postmodernity at Vienna's Jewish Museum

Understanding a Mandi Story

Wandering Hero Stories in the Southern Lowlands of New Guinea: Culture Areas, Comparison, and History

“Lipstick Girls” and “Fallen Women”: AIDS and Conspiratorial Thinking in Papua, Indonesia