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Analyzing a Speech Event: The Bush-Rather Exchange A (not very) Dramatic Dialogue

Language Conflict: Transactions and Games in Kenya

Landlords and the Devil: Class, Ethnic, and Gender Dimensions of Central American Peasant Narratives

Afghanistan, Ethnography, and the New World Order

Shame, Witchcraft, and Social Control: The Case of an Awa-Coaiquer Interloper

Hunting for the Virgin: Meat, Money, and Memory in Tetiz, Yucat√°n

Introduction: Values of Value

Moral Ambitions of Grace: The Paradox of Compassion and Accountability in Evangelical Faith-Based Activism

Geographies of Gender and Politics: The Place of Difference in Polynesian Nationalism

Before (and After) Neoliberalism: Tacit Knowledge, Secrets of the Trade, and the Public Sector in Egypt

Beyond Writing: Feminist Practice and the Limitations of Ethnography

A-Whaling We Will Go: Encounters of Knowledge and Memory at the Makah Cultural and Research Center

What Became Authentic Primitive Art?

Incestuous Twins and the House Societies of Insular Southeast Asia

First Contact with God: Individualism, Agency, and Revivalism in the Duke of York Islands

Power and Visibility: Development and the Invention and Management of the Third World

The Nuer Incest Prohibition and the Nature of Kinship: Alterlogical Reckoning

Between Cinema and Social Work: Diasporic Turkish Women and the (Dis)Pleasures of Hybridity