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Borderland Pop: Arab Jewish Musicians and the Politics of Performance

Religio and the Definition of Religion

Scientific Sovereignty: How International Drug Donation Programs Reshape Health, Disease, and the State

“These Are the Stories That the Dogs Tell”: Discourses of Identity and Difference in Ethnography and Science Fiction

“Power” against Ideology: A Critique of Foucaultian Usage

Culture as Cure

Bobbittizing Texaco: Dis-Membering Corporate Capital and Re-Membering the Nation in Ecuador

Dyssimulation: Reflexivity, Narrative, and the Quest for Authenticity in “Living History”

Performing Modernity

The Other Who is Also Oneself: Immunological Risk, Danger, and Recognition

Landmarks in the Critical Study of Secularism

Introduction: Secularism

The Public Faces of Sarah Winnemucca

Analyzing a Speech Event: The Bush-Rather Exchange A (not very) Dramatic Dialogue

The Power of Culture: Notes on Some Aspects of Gay and Lesbian Kinship in America Today

"I Know All about Emma Lazarus": Nationalism and Its Contradictions in Congressional Rhetoric of Immigration Restriction

Post/Socialist Affect: Ruination and Reconstruction of the Nation in Urban Vietnam

Recombinant History: Transnational Practices of Memory and Knowledge Production in Contemporary Vietnam

Anthropology and Colonial Discourse: Aspects of the Demonological Construction of Sinhala Cultural Practice

Some Reflections on Editing with Contrarian Sensibilities

Editor's Note: On Anthropology and/in/of Science

Resisting Identities: A Found Theme

Roadwork: Offstage with Special Drama Actresses in Tamilnadu, South India

Between Worlds of Exchange: Ethnicity among Peruvian Market Women

Politics without a Head: Is the “Love Parade” a New Form of Political Identification?

Rachel, Mary, and Fatima

Playlists: Cinematic Anthropology

Emotion, Performance, and Temporality in Arab Music: Reflections on Tarab

Fluid Labor and Blood Money: The Economy of HIV/AIDS in Rural Central China

Speculations upon the Origin of Elementary Structures