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Gender and Sexuality

Becoming a Force in the Zone: Hedonopolitics, Masculinity, and the Quest for Respect on Haiti’s Streets

Sitting at the Kitchen Table: Fieldnotes from Women of Color in Anthropology

The Closet, Its Conventions, and Anti-Racist Criticism

Race/Sex Theory 'Toward a New and More Possible Meeting'

Ethnography in Late Industrialism

Love and the Little Line

Articulating Potentiality: Notes on the Delineation of the Blank Figure in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

But Do Not Identify as Gay: A Proleptic Genealogy of the MSM Category

Fingeryeyes: Impressions of Cup Corals

Flexible Citizenship in Dubai: Neoliberal Subjectivity in the Emerging 'City-Corporation'

Inscribing Subjects to Citizenship: Petitions, Literacy Activism, and the Performativity of Signature in Rural Tamil India

Mediating Kinship: Country, Family, and Radio in Northern Australia

Fathers, Sons, and the State: Discipline and Punishment in a Wolof Hinterland

Runaway Stories: The Underground Micromovements of Filipina Oyomesan in Rural Japan

We Were Dancing in the Club, Not on the Berlin Wall: Black Bodies, Street Bureaucrats, and Exclusionary Incorporation into the New Europe

An Acoustic Register, Tenacious Images, and Congolese Scenes of Rape and Repetition

Spectacles of Sexuality: Televisionary Activism in Nicaragua

Cancer Butch

Fashions and Fundamentalisms in Fin-De-Siecle Yemen: Chador Barbie and Islamic Socks

Between Cinema and Social Work: Diasporic Turkish Women and the (Dis)Pleasures of Hybridity

Crossbreeding Institutions, Breeding Struggle: Women's Empowerment, Neoliberal Governmentality, and State (Re)Formation in India

Longing for the Kollektiv: Gender, Power, and Residential Schools in Central Siberia

“Lipstick Girls” and “Fallen Women”: AIDS and Conspiratorial Thinking in Papua, Indonesia

Carnal Economies: The Commodification of Food and Sex in Kathmandu

Playing Back the Nation: Waria, Indonesian Transvestites

The Context of Diaspora

Commodities and Sexual Subjectivities: A Look at Capitalism and Its Desires

Subsumption or Consumption? The Phantom of Consumer Revolution in 'Globalizing China'

Out in Nicaragua: Local and Transnational Desires after the Revolution

Gender and the Politics of Voice: Colonial Modernity and Classical Music in South India