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Humanity/Plan; or, On the "Stateless" Today (Also Being an Anthropology of Global Health)

Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: The Egyptian Uprising and a Sufi Khidma

Human Rights As Moral Progress? A Critique

Disciplinary Adaptation and Undergraduate Desire: Anthropology and Global Development Studies in the Liberal Arts Curriculum

The Unbearable Lightness of Expats: Double Binds of Humanitarian Mobility

Afterlives: Humanitarian Histories and Critical Subjects in Mozambique

Scientific Sovereignty: How International Drug Donation Programs Reshape Health, Disease, and the State

Witchcraft, Bureaucraft, and the Social Life of (US) Aid in Haiti

The Impulse of Philanthropy

The Humanitarian Politics of Testimony: Subjectification through Trauma in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Difficult Distinctions: Refugee Law, Humanitarian Practice, and the Identification of People in Gaza

The Measure of Mercy: Islamic Justice, Sovereign Power, and Human Rights in Iran

Compassion and Repression: The Moral Economy of Immigration Policies in France

Doctors, Borders, and Life in Crisis

National Geographic: The Rooting of Peoples and the Territorialization of National Identity Among Scholars and Refugees

Metropolitan Africans: Reading Incapacity, the Incapacity of Reading