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Literature, Writing, and Anthropology

A Case of Cultural Misunderstanding: French Anthropology in a Comparative Perspective

Ethnography in the Way of Theory

The Closet, Its Conventions, and Anti-Racist Criticism

The Time of Anthropology: Notes from a Field of Contemporary Experience

Stories and Cosmogonies: Imagining Creativity Beyond "Nature" and "Culture"

Cancer Butch

How Anthropological Curiosity Consumers Its Own Places of Origin

Reporting from Jerusalem

Raymond Williams, George Stocking, and Fin-de-Siècle U.S. Anthropology

Diasporic Identities: The Science and Politics of Race in the Work of Franz Boas and W. E. B. Du Bois, 1894–1919

Primordialist Blinders: A Reply to I. M. Lewis

Doing Violence to Ethnography: A Response to Catherine Besteman's "Representing Violence and 'Othering' Somalia"

On Telling/Selling a Book by Its Cover

Mediterranean Exotica and the Mafia “Other” or Problems of Representation in Pitrè's Texts

Occupational Hazards Revisited: Reply to Moshe Shokeid


Myth, History, and Political Identity

Editorial Retrospective

Comment on Plough, Sword, and Book: The Structure of Human History

Hubert Fichte as Ethnographer

Cultural Pastiches: Intertextualities in the Moncrabeau Liars' Festival Narratives

American Academic Journal Editing in the Great Bourgeois Cultural Revolution of Late 20th-Century Postmodernity: The Case of Cultural Anthropology

Challenge to Authority: Bakhtin and Ethnographic Description

The Scholastic Point of View

Consuming Culture (Genuine and Spurious) as Style

Montaigne and the Cannibals: Toward a Redefinition of Exoticism

Visions of the Archipelago: Michel Leiris, Autobiography and Ethnographic Memory

Ethnography, Literature, and Politics: Some Readings and Uses of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses

Metropolitan Africans: Reading Incapacity, the Incapacity of Reading

Bombay Talkies, the Word and the World: Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses