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Narrative, Discourse, and Rhetoric

Radmilla's Voice: Music Genre, Blood Quantum, and Belonging on the Navajo Nation

Ecologies of Investment: Crisis Histories and Brick Futures in Argentina

Beyond Fact or Fiction: On the Materiality of Race in Practice

Ascertaining Deadly Harms: Aesthetics and Politics of Global Evidence

The Aquatic Invader: Marine Management Figuring Fishermen, Fisheries, and Lionfish in The Bahamas

Two Publics in a Mexican Border City

From Socialist Modern to Super-Natural Organicism: Cosmological Transformations Through Home Decor

Anthropology and Fiction: An Interview with Amitav Ghosh

Precarity's Forms

“Somehow it Happened”: Violence, Culpability, and the Hindu Nationalist Community

Making Pigs Local: Discerning the Sensory Character of Place

The Modernity of Manual Reproduction: Soviet Propaganda and the Creative Life of Ideology

Inhabiting Ocular Ground: Kinshasa's Future in the Light of Congo's Spectral Urban Politics

Remains: to be Seen. Third Encounter between State and "Customary" in Northern Mozambique

The Double Bind of American Indian Need-Based Sovereignty

American Stiob: Or, What Late-Socialist Aesthetics of Parody Reveal about Contemporary Political Culture in the West

Branding the Mahatma: The Untimely Provocation of Gandhian Publicity

Suicide, Risk, and Investment in the Heart of the African Miracle

Stories and Cosmogonies: Imagining Creativity Beyond "Nature" and "Culture"

Incitements to Discourse: Illicit Drugs, Harm Reduction, and the Production of Ethnographic Subjects

El Campo: Faciality and Structural Violence in Farm Labor Camps

"Survival is Your Business": Engineering Ruins and Affect in Nuclear America

Mediating Infanticide: Theorizing Relations between Narrative and Violence

Good Gifts for the Common Good: Blood and Bioethics in the Market of Genetic Research

Anthropology and the New Technologies of Communication

Truth, Fear, and Lies: Exile Politics and Arrested Histories of the Tibetan Resistance

Geeks, Social Imaginaries, and Recursive Publics

Material Consumers, Fabricating Subjects: Perplexity, Global Connectivity Discourses, and Transnational Feminist Research

Authorizing a Disability Agency in Post-Mao China: Deng Pufang's Story as Biomythography

Primordialist Blinders: A Reply to I. M. Lewis