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Anthropology of Value and Circulation

The Currency of Failure: Money and Middle-Class Critique in Post-Crisis Buenos Aires

Ecologies of Investment: Crisis Histories and Brick Futures in Argentina

Homeownership in Israel: The Social Costs of Middle-Class Debt

Formless: A Day at Lima’s Office of Formalization by Daniella Gandolfo

Brand Neoliberalism: Introduction

From Socialist Modern to Super-Natural Organicism: Cosmological Transformations Through Home Decor

The Unbearable Lightness of Expats: Double Binds of Humanitarian Mobility

The Global University, Area Studies, and the World Citizen: Neoliberal Geography's Redistribution of the "World"

Piracy, Circulatory Legitimacy, and Neoliberal Subjectivity in Brazil

Before (and After) Neoliberalism: Tacit Knowledge, Secrets of the Trade, and the Public Sector in Egypt

Love and the Little Line

For Love or Money

Water Flowing North of the Border: Export Agriculture and Water Politics in a Rural Community in Baja California

Lonely Drinking Fountains and Comforting Coolers: Paradoxes of Water Value and Ironies of Water Use

Anthropology, Theology, and Critical Pedagogy: A Conversation with Jean Comaroff and David Kyuman Kim

On Affective Labor in Post-Fordist Italy

Symptoms of Another Life: Time, Possibility, and Domestic Relations in Chile's Credit Economy

Tales From Albarado: The Materiality of Pyramid Schemes in Postsocialist Albania

Viral Clouds: Becoming H5N1 in Indonesia

Cosmopolitanism, Remediation, and the Ghost World of Bollywood

The Impulse of Philanthropy

Economy of Words

The Face of Money: Currency, Crisis, and Remediation in Post-Suharto Indonesia

"Corporate Security Begins in the Community": Mining, the Corporate Responsibility Industry, and Environmental Advocacy in Indonesia

Disciplines of Presence in Modern Turkey: Discourse, Companionship, and the Mass Mediation of Islamic Practice

The Work of the New Economy: Consumers, Brands and Value Creation

Fijian Water in Fiji and New York: Local Politics and a Global Commodity

Pesticides in Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Consumerism, Brand Image, and Public Image in a Globalizing India

The Allure of the Transnational: Notes on Some Aspects of the Political Economy of Water in India

Consuming Interests: Water, Rum, and Coca-Cola from Ritual Propitiation to Corporate Expropriation in Highlands Chiapas