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Anthropology of Value and Circulation

Circulation, Accumulation, and The Power of Shuar Shrunken Heads

Good Gifts for the Common Good: Blood and Bioethics in the Market of Genetic Research

Learning from New Orleans: The Social Warrant of Hostile Privatism and Competitive Consumer Citizenship

Tracking Properness: Repackaging Culture in a Remote Australian Town

Cultural Sovereignty in a Global Art Economy: Egyptian Cultural Policy and the New Western Interest in Art from the Middle East

Third Nature: Making Space and Time in the Great Limpopo Conservation Area

Subsumption or Consumption? The Phantom of Consumer Revolution in "Globalizing" China

Subsumption or Consumption? The Phantom of Consumer Revolution in 'Globalizing China'

Neoliberal Governmentality and Neohumanism: Organizing Suzhi/Value Flow through Labor Recruitment Networks

"Very Bombay": Contending with the Global in an Indian Advertising Agency

Incorporating a Malaysian Nation

Introduction: Values of Value

Hunting for the Virgin: Meat, Money, and Memory in Tetiz, Yucat√°n

Inalienable Commodities: The Production and Circulation of Silver and Patrimony in a Mexican Mining Cooperative

Tourism, Charity, and Profit: The Movement of Money in Moroccan Jewish Pilgrimage

The Storm We Call Dollars: Determining Value and Belief in El Salvador and the United States

At Home but Not at Home: Filipina Narratives of Ambivalent Returns

"Your Eyes Are Green like Dollars": Counterfeit Cash, National Substance, and Currency Apartheid in 1990s Russia

Northwestern Tanzania on a Single Shilling: Sociality, Embodiment, Valuation

The Agent in the Gift: Hidden Exchange in Inner New Guinea

Gifts, Bribes, and Guanxi: A Reconsideration of Bourdieu's Social Capital

Between Worlds of Exchange: Ethnicity among Peruvian Market Women

Autoconstruction in Working-Class Brazil

Consuming Desires: Strategies of Selfhood and Appropriation

Representing Value and the Value of Representation: A Different Look at Money

Cultural Exchange: New Developments in the Anthropology of Commodities

Welfare, the Social, and the Individual in Interwar Italy

The Art of Being Indirect: Talking about Politics in Brazil

Power and Visibility: Development and the Invention and Management of the Third World

On the Syntactic Structure of Myth, or the Yukuna Invention of Speech