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Visual Anthropology, Art, and Politics

Representation and Politics: Contesting Histories of the Iroquois

The Patronage of Difference: Making Indian Art “Art, Not Ethnology”

Lost in America

State, Territory, and Identity Formation in the Postwar Berlins, 1945–1989

Beyond “Culture”: Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference

Tactility and Distraction

Representing Culture: The Production of Discourse(s) for Aboriginal Acrylic Paintings

Words, Worlds, and Wishes: The Aesthetics of Somali Kinship

Ethnography, Literature, and Politics: Some Readings and Uses of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses

Shame, Witchcraft, and Social Control: The Case of an Awa-Coaiquer Interloper

Bombay Talkies, the Word and the World: Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses

Avant-gardism as a Mode of Culture Change

Of Cannibals, Tourists, and Ethnographers

"EXCUSE ME, EVERYTHING IS NOT ALL RIGHT": On Ethnography, Film, and Representation

Secrets of Success in Postmodern Society

Visual Art as Social Data: The Renaissance Codpiece

Language Conflict: Transactions and Games in Kenya

Just Writing: Paradox and Political Economy in Yemeni Legal Documents

The Public Faces of Sarah Winnemucca

From Ethnography to Metaphor: Recent Films from David and Judith MacDougall

Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson in Bali: Their Use of Photography and Film

On the Syntactic Structure of Myth, or the Yukuna Invention of Speech

The Irony of Stereotypes: Toward an Anthropology of Ethnicity

The Meaning of Memory: Family, Class, and Ethnicity in Early Network Television Programs