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Business Cultures

Occupy Wall Street and the Economic Imagination

Performing Royalty in Contemporary Africa

"Wrapped in Plastic": Transformation and Alienation in the New Finnish Economy

Existential Damages: The Injury of Precarity Goes to Court

Brand "Piracy" and Postwar Statecraft in Guatemala

Before (and After) Neoliberalism: Tacit Knowledge, Secrets of the Trade, and the Public Sector in Egypt

Tales From Albarado: The Materiality of Pyramid Schemes in Postsocialist Albania

Branding the Mahatma: The Untimely Provocation of Gandhian Publicity

Flexible Citizenship in Dubai: Neoliberal Subjectivity in the Emerging 'City-Corporation'

Economy of Words

"Corporate Security Begins in the Community": Mining, the Corporate Responsibility Industry, and Environmental Advocacy in Indonesia

Spiritual Economies: Islam and Neoliberalism in Contemporary Indonesia

The Allure of the Transnational: Notes on Some Aspects of the Political Economy of Water in India

Editors’ Introduction to the "Coke Complex"

Pesticides in Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Consumerism, Brand Image, and Public Image in a Globalizing India

The Work of the New Economy: Consumers, Brands and Value Creation

Fijian Water in Fiji and New York: Local Politics and a Global Commodity

Consuming Interests: Water, Rum, and Coca-Cola from Ritual Propitiation to Corporate Expropriation in Highlands Chiapas

Economy of Dreams: Hope in Global Capitalism and Its Critiques

Due Diligence and "Reasonable Man," Offshore

The Pleasures of Corruption: Desire and Discipline in Ghanaian Political Culture

Situating Global Capitalisms: A View from Wall Street Investment Banks

The Productive Life of Risk

Neoliberal Governmentality and Neohumanism: Organizing Suzhi/Value Flow through Labor Recruitment Networks

"Very Bombay": Contending with the Global in an Indian Advertising Agency

Bobbittizing Texaco: Dis-Membering Corporate Capital and Re-Membering the Nation in Ecuador

Desire and the Prosthetics of Supervision: A Case of Maquiladora Flexibility

Of Headhunters and Cannibals: Migrancy, Labor, and Consumption in the Mawri Imagination

A-Whaling We Will Go: Encounters of Knowledge and Memory at the Makah Cultural and Research Center

Bioprospecting the Public Domain