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Millenial Futures, 1997

Millenial Futures

San Francisco, CA 

16-18 May 1997

Organizers: Marilyn Ivy (Columbia U) and Sylvia Yanagisako (Stanford U)

First Plenary Session:

Roger Rouse (U Michigan) "Telling Fortunes:Corporate Visons of A Global Future"

Arturo Escobar (U Massachusetts, Amherst) "Globalization of Postdvelopment: Noncapitalist Economies and Culturs in the Neo-Liberal Age"

Susan Harding (UC Santa Cruz) "Updating Bible Prophecy." 

Second Plenary Session:

Brinkley Messick (U Michigan) "Millennium East"

Rosalind Morris (Columbia U) "Catastrophic Time in Northern Thailand"

Paul Rabinow (UC Berkeley): "Secede and Assemble: On Ready-Mades" 

Vicente Raphael (UC San Diego) was the moderator of both sessions.


• "The End of the Millenium Capitalism," led by Aihwa Ong (UC Berkeley) 

• "Histories of the Future," led by Susan Lepselter

Keynote Address

Donna Haraway (UC Santa Cruz) "Modest_Witness@Second_Millennium.Transgenic Impieties for Trying Times."

Closing Discussion

"Anthropological Futures" led by James Clifford (UC Santa Cruz)