SCA Ballot Measure

Dear SCA Members,

On the current ballot in the AAA's online elections, the SCA board is asking to modify our bylaws in order to reflect some important changes in publishing. We are now fortunate to be running an innovative website that jointly hosts both the news and information relevant to our section, as well as the content and features included in our journal, Cultural Anthropology. Because of the many ways in which this new platform can be used to provide exceptional benefits to our members, and to the public, and because of the increasing complexity and dynamism of this virtual presence, the board feels that the section would benefit from the guidance of a more permanent Web Director. The proposed change in our bylaws would allow this Web Director to serve a 3 year term as a non-voting member of the board, who would participate in all of the board activities and discussions - from recruiting new members to publishing new content - relevant to developing the potential of the web for the SCA. Because the board is already constituted by a number of appointed, as well as elected members, we are proposing that the Web Director be appointed by the Board to serve as a non-voting member.  This preserves the democratic practice of member representation, but also affords us the ability to consult with a well-qualified and experienced Web Director.  The language of the bylaw amendment can be found on your Spring ballot.

Thanks, again, for your continuing membership in the SCA, and remember to vote!

Brad Weiss