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Cultural Anthropology Archives

The Cultural Anthropology Archive was created in order to keep a record of past events, CFPs, and projects that Cultural Anthropology has hosted or had some involvement in. These sections are not updated or maintained, but rather serve as a point of reference.

The following are archived sections of the website. If you have any questions, you can contact the Managing Editor

SCA Meeting 2010

AAA Meeting 2009

Crisis in Pakistan Website

CFP: Emergent Identities

CFP: In Translation

Posts in This Series

Discussion With Judith Farquhar and Deborah Bird Rose

No Name. Not in the Face of All This Death

Staying with the Trouble: Xenoecologies of Home for Companions in the Contested Zones

Seriously at Home in '0-Gravity'

Plural Ontologies, Medical Agency: How Chinese Medicine Argues About Being

Affective Environments: Thinking Through Flooding


SCA Meetings 2010 Overview

Call for Essays "In Translation"

Call for Essays on "Emergent Identities"

Society for Cultural Anthropology: Perspectives on Pakistan