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In making Cultural Anthropology free to read, we have given up our most significant source of revenue. We need your help to ensure the financial viability of the journal into the future. Please consider making a donation, big or small, to our publishing fund. And if you aren't a member of the SCA, please think about joining.

Print-on-Demand Copies of Cultural Anthropology

When the Society for Cultural Anthropology decided to transition its flagship journal to an online, open-access publication, it also hoped to find a way of continuing to provide a print version of Cultural Anthropology. With the development of print-on-demand production and distribution services, this has become a possibility. Print copies of Cultural Anthropology, starting with volume 29 (2014), are now available for purchase from a number of online retailers. We have set the suggested retail price low ($12.95) to make issues affordable. Each issue will be available for purchase for twelve months after its initial publication date. Proceeds from the sale of print-on-demand copies of the journal help to support the society's mission, including the continued publication of the digital, open-access version of Cultural Anthropology.

Availability as of July 17, 2015:

Librarians interested in obtaining print copies of the journal should inquire with their book (not serials) acquisitions services, including Ingram, YBP, Baker & Taylor, NACSCORP, Coutts, Gardners, and Mallory International.

  • ISBN-13 for 29.1 (February 2014): 978-0982676783
  • ISBN-13 for 29.2 (May 2014): 978-1931303361
  • ISBN-13 for 29.3 (August 2014): 978-1931303378
  • ISBN-13 for 29.4 (November 2014): 978-1931303385
  • ISBN-13 for 30.1 (February 2015): 978-1931303392
  • ISBN-13 for 30.2 (May 2015): 978-1931303408
  • ISBN-13 for 30.3 (August 2015): 978-1931303422