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Issue 28.3, August 2013


Cultural Anthropology's August 2013 issue features essays on race theory from John Hartigan, L. Kaifa Roland, Amade M’charek, and Tami Navarro, Bianca Williams, and Attiya Ahmad; articles on cultural citizenship in the Black Atlantic World by Kamari M. Clarke, N. Fadeke Castor, Amanda D. Concha-Holmes, and Bayo Holsey; and a roundtable discussion with Deborah A. Thomas, Alondra Nelson, John L. Jackson, Jr., Wahneema Lubiano, Robyn Wiegman, and Jemima Pierre.

Additional teaching, reading, and viewing material is available for each article in its supplemental page on the Cultural Anthropology website.

As a “problem,” race primarily exists in moments of conflict, or in relation to “eruptions” of violence (like race riots), while the foundational violence of New World settlement and exploitation (and thus the origins of Atlantic modernity) are erased. —Deborah Thomas, "Racial Situations"